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Nylon cable tie machine

Nylon cable tie machine

Offer the nylon cable tie manufacturing line. let you get clearly about cable tie making.
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Automatic cable tie machine

There is Stainless steel cable tie machine for sale. But market is smaller.Now,90% cable tie is made by plastic injection molding machine.Nylon is hard and long life, price is low than stainless cable tie.
Maybe you are seeking nylon cabe tie making mahcine in Inida. But it is not good choice at this moment. Because most of their clamping unit and injection unit on injection machine are import from China.China have lots of cable tie machine for sale,Two big city near sea.
One is Shunde,Guangdong,another one is Ningbo city, Zhejiang. Ningbo price is better. Injection moulding history in Ningbo city from 1963.

There are more than 200 cable tie machine manufacturers in china .Notice when buying automatic nylon cable tie machine:
A.The shot weight,if you want to make big quantity cable tie in one hours, you have to choose big shot weight injection molding machine.
B.Clamping mold force:nylon is hard material,so require big clamping force, Auto cable tie machine always have big thickness.
C.Injection machine and injection rate:Injection pressure is meaning the max.pressure in screw barrel when injecting,not the max. pressure of oil pressure in injection system.Injection rate is meaning the quantity of melt plastic jet from the nozzle in some time.
D.Min-Max Mold thickness and stroke of moving platen
Screw and screw barrel is one of key factor which effect the total function of plastic injection molding machine.If want to produce perfect product,the melt material in screw barrel must has good molding mixing effect and good equality.
F.Special computer for plastic injection molding machine,the speed and function of special computer is a important factor which effect the quantity of produce no waster:the precision of equipment is more higher if the frequency of supervision and correction of special computer is more,the quality of produced by it is more stabilization.Be care to choose the suitable controller according to the precision requirement of product itself.The quality of controller effects on the performance and cost fo machine directly.
G.Hydraulic pressure system: at present,most of plastic injection molding machine is driven by hydraulic pressure exclude the electri plastic injection molding machines.Contrl the pressure,flux and flowing drection of hydraulic through adjusting the controlling vlave,so that realize each movement of plastic injection molding that ensure the whole injection process has advantages of good repeat precision ,good work stability and reliability,low noise,good air proof,easy to be installed and adjusted,easy to be maintained and save power.etc.

Import the machine, you must want to know the cable tie machine hs code.It is 8477101090.
If you are going to build a nylon cable tie plant: below machine you maybe inerest in:
1.Cable tie moulding machine .
2.Cable tie sorting machine
3.Cable tie binding machine
4.Cable tie printing machine
5.Cable cable tie counting machine
6.Cable tie packaing machine

parameter of automatic nylon cable tie machine 

Screw Type A B C
Screw Diameter Mm 50 55 60
Screw L/D Ration L/D 22.2 20 18.2
Shot Size(Theoretical) cm3 508 593 706
Injection Weight(PS) g 462 534 642
Injection Rate g/s 148 179 202
Injection Pressure MPa 180 160.8 128
Screw Speed rpm 0~180
Clamping Force KN 2400
Opening stroke Mm 490
Space Between Tie Bars mm 530*510
Max.Mold Height mm 530
Min.Mold Height mm 200
Ejector Stroke mm 165
Ejector Tonnage KN 70
Max.Pump Pressure MPa 16
Pump Motor Power KW 18.5
Heater power KW 11.65
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) M 5.4*1.5*2
Machine weight T 7
Oil Tank Capacity L 340

Now,2021 sea freight charge become very high,if you are from Inida,you may think about find cable tie production machine price in india.
after cut down the freight cost, the cost maybe similar from China.Alibaba have many nylon cable tie machine for sale careful,not all of them can make it.Because the clamping unit is thin,very weak. after you got the machine, maybe run three months,the clamping platen break.
you can buy cable tie machine gun/gym from alibaba. it is small amout,most of them quality is good.
If you search from internet or alibaba, there is only few cable tie machine manufacturers in india.if you find someone,you will suprice the cable tie making machine price very high.
In one world,buy from China. save much cost.