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Cable tie making machine

Cable tie making machine

Offer machine for nylon cable tie making machine,Haijiang plastic injection molding machine. Automatic,turn-key solutions.
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Nylon cable tie making machine

There is big demand for nylon cable tie in the world. use for different cable, computer, electricity cable etc. If you are going to make nylon cable tie,you have to buy below things.

1.plastic injection molding machine, tonnage size: from 240 tons - 360 tons, too big size machine, slowly,and unit cost too high. small machine,clamping force is not enough. Clamping platen must be big thickness. Because nylon is very hard material. Special screw and barrel can work for hard plastic material.

2.nylon cable tie mould, cable tie is small,but long tail, so not all mould factory can make good nylon ties.most of them can't make it. mould must be high thickness,and very strong material. mould cost not cheap too.

3.Auxiliary equipment: auto loader, hopper dryer, cooling tower, chiller,mixer and crusher.

4.Raw material, plastic resin, PA66

any questions for injection molding nylon cable tie,please let us know. we will give you some advice.

self lock cable tie making machine, can make 3mm,4mm,5mm,8mm and 10mm size cable tie.machine size depend on your prodution capacity.