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HJF1000 molding machine

HJF1000 molding machine

HJF1000 injection molding machine is 1000 tons clamping force.
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HJF1000 molding machine

As different machine may apply different operational mode, please see Chapter 5 for detailed operation method.
a) Check if pushing cam of valve has pressed crown bar to the lower limit after the safety door opens.
b) Close the safety door;
c) Check if the pushing cam of valve happen to be at the reset location which enables crown bar of valve to return to the upper limit;
d) Jogging Initiate hydraulic pump motor;
e) Press “mold open” button to open the platen.
f) Open the safety door at operational side at any position, at the same time make electric limit switch of safety door in the state of “door close”.
g) Transfer the clamp switch to “mold close”. It shows hydraulic safety door valve works if clamping fails, otherwise the pushing cam needs to be re-adjusted and machine shall be shut down for our repairing.
h) Ensure the personal safety of operator during inspection.