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How much does injection molding cost?

Source:HaijiangAuthor:China haijiang Addtime:2021-08-02 15:12 Click:

How much does injection molding cost?

If you have a injection molding machine or want to buy one moulding machine plastic,you may think about injection molding cost?  there are many points need to think about it.

First,we talk about electricity cost:

1.Plastic raw material, different plastic,the price is different too. 
polypropylene,ABS,PE,nylon price are different. some kinds of material with water,so need heating equipment:hopper dryer,Dehumidifier. more equipment,mean more electricity comsuption. different material with different melting point.PS melting point 100,but PA66 is 265. so injection moulding PA66 will cost more electricity. nylon cable tie making machine also require a automatic close nozzle, some time use spring type,some time use electricity.if electricity type ,it cost more money. PVC pipe fitting injection molding machine, there are several fans for  cooling the barrel too. fan also need electricity.

2.Injection molding machine type: there is fix motor moulding machine,servo system moulding machine,if injection machine with servo system,it can save 30% to 80% electricity. injection molding machine desktop type,very small,only 1kw or 2kw,servo motor. it cost little power per hour. big brand injection molding machine Toshiba,Engel,more expensive than any brand from china injection moulding machine manufacturer. so do more moulding,the machine become more old,so their moulding cost more high too.

3.Injection mould type: some mould with hot runner system, more cavities require more heating point. it will cost more electricity.

Second.Labor cost,different country,the labor cost is different,you know your local labor cost. how much salary one day or one month. Injection moulding engineer from USA must be more high than from Iraq,Iran,Algeria or Egypt.USA is don't offer much jobs for injection moulding, Algeria have lots of jobs.

Third:Hydraulic oil, large size injection molding machine require much more hydraulic ,injection moulding machine small say vertical injection machine,only need 100 liter hydraulic oil. but big size Haijiang machine HJF2000 require 3700 L oil. Hydraulic oil usually need to do changing after 2 you can calculate the cost by yourself

Fourth: Cooling water, it is  close cycle. How does injection molding work? when you bring this questions to visit some injection moulding factory,you will find there are cooling tank. the water go to the injection molding machine or moulds,then come back the tank. water lose only little.

More questions about injection moulding cost,please contact Haijiang